Knowing about Art is gaining knowledge of the universal and timeless qualities that identify all great art.

The more you learn about the art of different eras, art movements, styles and techniques, the more you can develop your confidence in understanding art.

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This course 'Understanding Art' will teach you various aspects of art, its history, art language,art styles, art mediums and details about famous artists.

The course provides an affordable way of studying ART at your convenience.

The SANSKRUTI course helps people gain in depth knowledge, essential to practice the ART profession effectively and profitably.


Realistic art is the objective representation of reality, covering a wide range of subjects from Landscapes, Portraiture, Still lifes, Culture, Legends, History, Glamour, Royalty, Social issues ....


In expressionistic style of art, the artists, in order to express their own beliefs and emotions, distort the images of reality, as evoked by the subject.


Art that deliberately and intentionally avoids depicting reality and realistic representation of objects, in a painting. Abstract art continues to dominate the art of the 21st century.

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FOR INDIVIDUALS WHO SAY, ‘I dont know anything about art but I know what I like’, THIS IS THE COURSE TO DISPEL ALL DOUBTS ABOUT ART..... and much, much more .... it will help develop your skills in analysing works of art.

Understanding Art

The correspondence course 'Understanding Art' will teach you about all the ART types since the early years, through Renaissance period, till the present times. The course material, ‘ART Made easy to understand’ has 375 images, explained in an easy to understand manner.

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